We make keeping track of your lab inventory simple

Effortlessly track every syringe, needle, manikin, and more for a well-run lab.

Create pick orders

Generate reports
Track inventory cost

Streamline inventory cycle counts

Slash reordering expenses

Bulk upload existing inventory data

Monitor warranty expirations & upcoming preventative maintenance

Seamless and Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish

Get support from start to finish—software, hardware, and setup—all-in-one integrated access solution.

Viewing reports on sim lab management software on a mobile phone

Efficient web-based software

Enhance your efficiency with our user-friendly web-based software. Monitor your real-time inventory from virtually anywhere, reducing hours of work to mere minutes.

Hardware: tablet and printer with QR codes

Our software allows you to view your inventory information on any device – computer, tablet, or smartphone. Save time and maintain inventory accuracy with custom-made QR codes.

On-site inventory organizing services

Recognizing that organizing your lab can be a significant challenge, we’re here to collaborate and help you hit the ground running.

Wingman: Meeting the Call for Increased Support in Healthcare Simulation Labs

With over 15 years of experience in healthcare simulation, we understand the struggles of day-to-day lab operations. Our goal is to automate your laboratory operations, providing you with more time to focus on educating the current and next generation of healthcare professionals.

Prepare for Upcoming Groundbreaking Features

We’re always hard at work developing new features and improving existing ones that deliver solid value.

Schedule simulations and scenarios

Check equipment in and out

Monitor lab usage

Track manikin history

Vector showing that time is money

Eliminate Wasted Time Spent Searching for Supplies

No more frantic searches for specific lab supplies.

Effortlessly include items in your requests using the drop-down menu

Scan QR codes for instant access to inventory details

Access multi-location inventory data at your fingertips

The Value of Wingman: What We Bring to You

An organized lab boosts productivity, maximizes cost savings, minimizes stress, and allows you to focus on education. With a greater demand for simulation lab usage, we can help you become more efficient.

Maintain real-time inventory counts

Know your inventory levels at all times. Let everyone who utilizes your lab count on it being a reliable workspace. Put your inventory on a need-to-know basis with access based roles and permissions.

Track inventory costs with precision

See exactly where your budget is spent and reallocate for optimal impact.

Make quarterly cycle counts simple and easy

Reduce the hassle of cycle counts and concentrate on more critical lab management duties.

Streamline inventory records with attaching images and files

Keep all supporting data in one place for efficient organization.

Cut recurring supply costs

Replace inefficient supply ordering with cost-cutting efficiency.

Track warranty expirations and upcoming preventative maintenance

Prevent expired warranties that leave you liable for costly equipment repairs and breakdowns resulting from missed preventative maintenance.

We created the first software that will handle every aspect of your lab.

Simplify your daily operations to address today’s challenges while planning for tomorrow with our reporting tools.

Effortless pick order creation
Pad and paper drains efficiency and leads to missed lab items. Click, scan, and know your supplies are consistently restocked.
Smart reordering with inventory summary reports
Avoid reorder mistakes with a comprehensive view of stock levels throughout your lab.
Justify your annual budget with detailed inventory cost reports
Knowledge is power. Take advantage of bulk pricing discounts for frequently ordered supplies.
Support your budget and program fees with customer transaction reports
Order supplies based on past course and program usage to ensure you always have the right amount on hand.
People looking at reports on a laptop running sim lab management software
Customers getting support from customer service

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